Friday, July 4, 2008

Holy Moley! What's That?!

The Aztecs are coming! The Aztecs are coming!

No, not quite. But it is our very own tower of power.

I mentioned to Robert about ten days ago that this summer, I'd really like to replace the poured concrete with some pavers I saw on-line at Lowe's. Next thing I know, he's borrowed a sledge hammer and is breaking up the backyard. Then he's gone off to Lowe's. Later, a huge flatbed truck with a forklift hanging off the back pulls up at the end of the street. The forklift leaves a stack of paver-filled pallets, topped with many bags of builders sand, by our stoop. And Robert and a friend start pulling up the concrete chunks with a crowbar. The result -- something prehistoric. Or post-historic, apocalyptic, even.

This is what the new pavers will look like:

I hope the Cap'n approves!

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