Monday, December 15, 2008

Chinese Brush Painting

I have been learning Chinese brush painting, which has brought me a lot of joy. This year I decided to make holiday cards out of small paintings. Here are a few of them.

[Click on any image for a magnified view.]

Wild Orchid. This is a traditional summer subject, but I used it for the holiday cards because I like the simplicity of the traditional composition.

Often a subject conveying summer, but it also conveys the Buddhist sense of the ephemeral nature of life. Mostly, I just like the strokes used to paint them.

Plum Blossoms. This is a traditional winter subject. Apparently plum trees often bloom during winter, amid the snow.

These will all be sent out to friends and family, so soon I won't have them anymore. Goodbye, little paintings, may you spread joy as you travel.

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