Tuesday, July 22, 2008

But What About Mitsie?

I know you've wondered about Mitsie, even begun to worry. How is she? Where is she? Doesn't she live at this blog any more?

Your concern has been appreciated, and I'm here to tell you that Mitsie is fine! She's right here! She's happy you asked!

The truth is, though, that Mitsie is not enjoying this heat wave. She's making the best of it, trying not to complain. Mostly, she is just trying to keep cool.

Lying on the floor, under the big ceiling fan in the living room, sometimes works.

Until it gets boring.

Under the table makes for a nice change.

Under the table, facing the other way is an option as well.

When all else fails, she can always have a wash.

Then there's under the china dresser.

Maybe now Mom will leave her alone?


(To give due credit: the last photo was taken by Owen. Nice one, O!)

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