Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Het is dood"

That's right. Say it: "'Ut iss dode." Which, in Dutch, means, it is dead.

What is dead? This. The dogwood tree. Het is echt dood. It is truly dead.

And this, the mountain laurel. Zo dood als een pier. As dead as a worm, except that our worms are NOT dead!

Why, why? I ask myself. I think that they both wanted "partial sun, partial shade," and what we gave them was a Sonoran-like micro-climate in the summer, though with several hours of shade, and alpine winds in the winter.

And why, why, why in Dutch? When I was a kid, I lived in Holland for a year or so, and at odd times, Dutch expressions come to me. It was hard for me to admit the awful truth, but when the truth forced itself on me, it did so in Dutch. Deze boom is dood. En dit is ook dood. This tree is dead. And this is dead too.

Another expression that pops into my mind now and then: Mag ik ... May I have ...? Mag ik een koekje? Ja? Dank u!

Mmmmm, stroopwafel!

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1 comment:

  1. May i have a cookie = mag ik een koekje

    Other then that a funny read