Monday, May 26, 2008

Angels in Stone

An Hour in Green-Wood Cemetery ...

[Click on any photo for a magnified view.]

Someday I might like to spend an eternity in Green-Wood Cemetery; an hour today was very pleasant. If you've never been, I recommend that you try to make the trip. Photography is frowned upon, but no one frowned upon me personally, so I kept taking photos.

Green-Wood is famous for its many angels (and parrots). We once saw a dramatic performance in which dancers dressed as stone angels posed among the tombs, occasionally perching themselves on walls and tree branches. It might sound eerie, but it was really beautiful.

Another angel from one side ...

... the same angel from the other side.

I liked this girl, too.

A view.

Another view.

The cemetery has its own views. (That's Manhattan and maybe New Jersey past the derricks through the mist.)

There are some flowers, too -- not as many as I expected. If you like big, old trees, there are lots of those.

And finally, there's "Our Fred."

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